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Oni Higgins is a Multi-Media Professional:

A Corporate Media & Influencer relations strategist in NYC focused in travel + lifestyle markets...

And a Freelance Entertainment Correspondent  hosting on-air segments and covering the biggest media events throughout the city. 

Oni was born and raised in Brooklyn, so she's no stranger to the grind. Her first break into the television industry was as News Assistant at NY1 News, right after graduating from Penn State in 2016. 

Since then she worked her way up through Spectrum Networks, ultimately landing her first full-time on-air position, as a News Reporter.


Now the Media Guru is heading into the digital- entrepreneurship world, after recently obtaining her master’s degree in Digital Media Management.  

She owns a Luxury Women Shoe Line called O. Collection. All the shoes features bold, luxury, and classic designs. You can check her shoes out here:

Her future aspirations include creating a digital media agency for young journalists, entrepreneurs, and influencers aspiring to break into digital media industry. She also aspire to have several shoe store locations in her hometown, Miami, Houston, ATL, and LA.

Follow her on social media @OniHigginsTV !

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